Re: 1938 Super 8 1605 - adventures with a newbie

Posted by kevinpackard On 2023/5/10 12:26:31
Thanks for the tips TxGoat. Battery should be the right size, it's relatively new and tested fine. Battery cables are in good shape and correct size for 12v. Engine normally starts within a couple seconds at most.

Hopefully the rebuild does the trick. I'd like to not remove the starter again.

On another note, there is big car show here in town on June 17th, and my goal is to have the Super done and put back together for it. I have a lot to do before then and the rebuild has taken me much longer than I had expected. I have about a month to get the rest of this done, and I have very few evenings or weekends available.

Still to do:
1.) Rebuild starter and reinstall
2.) Find a solution for the fan. Either a spacer that will need to be modified, or an electric fan.
3.) Correct size fan belt
4.) Possibly replace alternator (making lots of noise)
5.) Replace thermostat (modern?)
6.) Lots of road tests to confirm reliability
7.) Reassemble the front end body work, trim, lights, etc.


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