Re: 1938 Super 8 1605 - adventures with a newbie

Posted by TxGoat On 2024/2/26 9:33:02
If the transmission clicks in lower gears, it could be a chipped or broken tooth. If it does it high gear, or all gears, it's probably something else, like a main shaft bearing. Or, it may not be the transmission at all. It could be a u-joint issue or even a chipped tooth in the rear axle. I'd look over everything externally first. Look for a dented clutch cover, worn or loose clutch linkage parts, loose u-joint bolts, anything that could be contacting the driveshaft, etc. Does lightly riding the clutch make any difference? Does applying light pressure in various directions to the gearshift make any difference? Can you feel a "twitch" in the gearshift lever?

It might be a good idea to check all the lug bolts for tightness, too.

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