Re: 1938 Super 8 1605 - adventures with a newbie

Posted by kevinpackard On 2024/2/28 11:58:20
I took a quick look under the car before work today. Found the snubber on the driver's side of the transmission. Looks to be intact, but I will need to lift the car and go through all the bolts on the tranny to be sure they are tight. I've been reading through other threads, and I'm not getting any shuddering in 1st gear so it doesn't seem to be the clutch. Just feels like something is out of balance.

TxGoat - I'll also check the u-joint to see if anything obvious shows up. I don't remember the car shuddering like this when I last drove it (close to 10 yrs ago) and nothing has been done to the drivetrain since then. And it hasn't driven any more than maybe 100 miles (that's being very generous) since then as well. So I'm not sure what would've happened with a u-joint that has sat dormant.
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