Re: '38 1608 V12 Project

Posted by blue40devil On 2019/10/26 7:57:51
The valves came out easily with a big "C" valve spring compressor. Only problem was the forked end of the clamp had an offset that prevented getting to the retention collar, but I just moved it onto the spring and was able to compress them enough to free the thru valve, "HAT" retainer with a magnet.

I have a dedicated table that I am laying everything out in order that the 15,000 parts (so I am told) in the valve system are organized.

I moved on to the silent blocks and determined, with some international club members help, that the valve guides had to be removed first.

To get them out you first have to determine how they were installed. Picture shows a guide with the "C" retainer clip and the spring seat.

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