Re: '38 1608 V12 Project

Posted by blue40devil on 2019/10/26 8:12:03
To remove the guide, I had to use a piloted drift that I got from Harbor Freight. I think I used the 5/16" one.

Because of the fact that the "C"clip keeps the guide from being pulled out of the engine and to remove the spring seat, I found I had to drive the guide into the valley about 1/4". This leave space to pry the spring seat off with a pair of flat blade screwdrivers.

DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE GUIDE WITHOUT REMOVING THE CLIP. There is not enough clearance to push the guide into the engine and you will be unable to pull it out without damaging or breaking something.

This gives access to the "C" clip which I was able to lever off by using a flat blade screwdriver under one of the open ends of the C and after dislodging it from its groove, worked it around to the other end. Most popped off once I dislodged it from the groove.

Picture is of the guide, clip and spring seat driven off the block.

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