Re: '38 1608 V12 Project

Posted by R H on 2019/11/2 2:38:47
I had a machine shop face the seats. They put the guides in. Used a quick way driver to put guides in.

And they were a bitch to pull back. I used the same. All thread had to get b 7 grade. Other was snapping.

And I had to buy a ream. Cause the new guides aren't as thick at ends as old ones. So pulling on end closed it a bit.

I used brass on the end. And the tip still closed.

When you get to the valve clusters . Mr pushbutton was repairing the valve rocker needles/ rollers.

The rocker shafts Packard used a long plug. But as far as I know you can't get them. Only the Dorman type. I think I used 2. Per end. And I might drill the end to put a pin in. I have an uneasy feeling with those Dorman plugs.

My dad's 12 engine I have on hold. Dealing with my 56.

And. Things around the house keep popping up.

My next thing on the 12 is valve clearance.. Which is critical. Whatever clearance my dad used..that engine was quiet.

Packard gives the high and low. I'll be in mark Claytons clearance.

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