Posted by MJG on 2021/7/18 10:48:06
Hate to Monday morning QB your shipper.. sure they have been doing this many times but, I'm not a fan of how it was done. Looks like it was bolted to the crate on the bottom and vertical wall without any rubber or buffer under the mounting to allow for flex (and getting tossed around the truck in-transit). It also assumes the box was built in-plane with the mounting surfaces. If it were my part, I would probably line the bottom and sides with a few layers of cardboard and then wrap the unit tightly with many layers of bubble wrap and then pack any voids with additional bubble wrap (to the point someone has to push down on the lid. I've shipped many motors and gearboxes in an industrial setting in a similar manner to your shipper but only bolted on the bottom and never with an irreplaceable cast part. Good luck getting resolution on that...

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