Ike's Staff Car

Posted by signsup on 2019/11/18 18:01:07
OK, here we go down the olive drab road together.
My level of interest is in military vehicles, WWII if I have the choice. President of the GA MVPA, the Georgia affiliate of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association. Jeeps, trailers, trucks, tanks, the usual stuff.
But a 47 Clipper Deluxe Touring Sedan showed up on radar, so it's in the shop being restorconverted to a 42 and badged for Eisenhower's staff car at SHAEF HQ in London at the time of the Dday invasion.
Just starting the research phase. It will be our rendering of Ike's staff car. I've seen all the photos available and the actual cars in museums and collections appear to be the owners version of staff cars, so a lot of flexability in the final project. It will always be PackardSalad.

But, here is our starting point. Pretty solid. Rocker panels shot and front seat floorboards will need to be replaced. Haven't attempted to start engine, but it ran when it was parked. As of today, put in a spare 8v battery I had laying around and horn and headlights and under dash courtesy lights all work. Cigar lighter does not. I may ask PO for a full refund.

Here's what I got to start and will post as we go along. Please chime in with comments or suggestions.

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