Re: Ike's Staff Car

Posted by signsup on 2019/11/19 17:19:41
This lady wants to run!
Tinkered around with her today and looked at ignition switch. No key, so will need to remove and take to locksmith, or replace the switch with new keys.
Put in battery and lights and horn works. Have spare set of horns, so removed original horns and installed the spare set to test them out for trade bait. While doing so, one of the two wires toing to the horns fell down and the engine started to turn over. No pop because no gas and no spark from coil, but somehow, the starter was turning the engine over.
Finished the horn testing and tracked down how this could happen. Haven't looked up the wiring dieagram yet, but when we touch one of the two wires going to the horns to a break in the insulation of one of the two thin wires coming off the electric choke on the Carter carb, the engine turns over. Yep, that's right. Touch a horn wire to a carb wire and the engine turns over.

We'll sort out all the electric later, but it's a sign that this lady wants to run.

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