Re: Ike's Staff Car

Posted by 58L8134 on 2019/11/19 18:52:34
"So, we are envisioning a dark brown leather interior with woodgrain dash, dark carpeting and broadcloth trim on armrests, seat backs, headliner, pillar trim, etc. We have done canvas on other military vehicles, but Ike's staff would have requested something nice."

Your conclusion the interior would be nicely outfitted even though the exterior was in military drab spec's for a general would seem correct. I'd suggest they might have spec'd the front seat be all leather as chauffeur and general's aids wouldn't be treated to quite the level of luxury reserved for the general and the important people accompanying him.

For all intents and purposes, it was a chauffeured limousine that typically had durable leather front compartment upholstery while the rear was done in broadcloth. Other appointments such as smoking sets, privacy shades, radio, perhaps even a cellarette for libations would be included.

Good luck with your project as it develops.


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