Re: Ike's Staff Car

Posted by signsup on 2019/11/20 7:57:17
Yes, eyes open for a war era Clipper owners manual. Purchased service manual and parts manual, so the OM is needed for the trifecta.
This donor car had a truck of loose and spare parts from the PO, some of which appear to be a small fuel tank and a prime handle, so I'm wondering if, knowing the car was going to be driven in England only, emphasis was placed on an auxiliary heater. I understand staff cars at this level were probably equipted with AC, especially MacArthurs. But I am researching this fuel delivery set up.
My Studebaker Weasel has a prime pump connected to the fuel tank and directly to the intake manifold for cold weather starts.
Not to disparage classic vehicle owners and restorers, but it takes some pressure off me to know that I have some latitude in getting to my finish line.

If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there.

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