Re: Vacation Car - 56 Patrician

Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2020/1/29 9:51:44
I think you are incorrectly calculating the rear axle ratio from the # of turns of the shaft versus the road wheel. Driveshaft turns to produce 1 road wheel revolution must be multiplied by 2 to give the differential ratio. And of course when making the measurement the other road wheel needs to held still or on the pavement.

Another thing on the steering you might check, Packards with power steering had different (faster) ratio steering gear boxes than those in cars with manual steering. The different ratios are all given in the specifications in the 1956 Service Counselors. For example in the 1956 Patrician, the power steering gear box was 16.4/1, in the manual steering 22.3/1.

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