Re: Vacation Car - 56 Patrician

Posted by CarFreak on 2020/1/29 16:39:53

Owen_Dyneto wrote:
You can easily tell a 1955 (Packard-built) from a 1956 (Dana built) rear axle by simple visual observation. The Dana unit has a stamped steel rear cover plate retained by threaded capscrews, the Packard unit does not have a removable rear cover, you pull the entire pumpkin from the forward side to access the internals.

Or just pull a rear wheel cover, 56 has lug nuts on studs attached to the axle flange, 55 has lug bolts threaded into the brake drum.

Thank you for that Owen_Dyneto. After I posted I realized the packard rear end had to have the drum pulled off after a nut was removed from the axle shaft. Well I have pictures showing the wheel without that center nut. So clearly not a 55 rear end. Never knew the 55 was the banjo style rear end!

thank you for being patient with me on this, still learning.

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