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Posted by CarFreak on 2020/2/6 13:25:23

HH56 wrote:
I will start by posting a factory photo with a partial view of what Don is asking about. A good photo and approximate length of the bare unconnected lines would answer many questions on exactly how Packard rerouted the filter lines. Biggest question is did the supply line go in front of or behind the thermostat housing and where does it bend to clear or turn upward to get to the filter port.

Most engines have the filter on the left with a short supply line that runs straight back and up but when the factory AC compressor is mounted the oil filter moves from the side of the left head on the engine to the right side of engine and is positioned forward and lower than the original location. It bolts onto the end of the compressor bracket. The question is the shape and where the new longer oil supply line is routed from the oil supply port on the front of the left head to get to the new input fitting location on the rear side of the filter canister. The return line also is different and looks to be just a short curved piece that goes into a 90 degree fitting on top of the block but if you have photos of that one as well it would help answer future questions.

Thank you for clearing that up. I was unaware of the filter location change between the Non-A/c and A/C cars.

When we finally got the car back in 2010 the engine was already removed with some specific A/C parts in the trunk. The Oil filter assembly was not among them. Ill keep that in the back of my mind when it comes to looking for the remaining engine parts in the Packard Shed. It could of stayed with the engine when it was removed back in the 90's, or the old man could of kept it when he got it back on the road. I dont know, I have to look.

thank you for making me aware of these differences!

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