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Posted by CarFreak on 2020/4/27 9:08:26

b.wilson wrote:
Hi Carfreak

Watching your progress with interest. I have a 56 Clipper Deluxe with shabby paintwork which needs tidying up. Couple of thoughts:

1 If you get your hands on a good 352, and go with that, it might be a good solution. That's obviously what my Clipper has but it was fitted by a previous owner with an Edelbrock 4-barrel carby and twin exhaust system (which I guess you already have). Mine is auto and gets along very nicely with that setup. I don't know whether the compression was raised - doubt it. Important to check that the original oil pump has been converted in either case. Then you lose the vacuum wipers, but not too hard to rig up electric ones.

2 That's good advice about refitting the power steering if you can. My Clipper is right hand drive, so came without it because it could not be fitted as an option. As a result, I'm developing an impressive physique! You'll want to fit radial tyres of some sort to your car, especially if you sort the suspension bushes and Torsion Level out. Radials will make the steering even heavier at low speeds. But it will drive like a dream.They really do drive like the one in the video at the Proving Grounds when everything is working correctly.

Good luck with the project. You have a great starting point. Lots of fiddly things to do. By the time you're done, you'll be the expert!

I was thinking of looking for a 352 and just boring it out to 374. But that means I need to source a 352 and then still tear it down to make sure all the clearances check out. If I am going to do that I might as well tear down the 374 we have and check that first before I just go about sourcing another engine. I remember driving the Caribbean and that had decent pick up in Low, but we always kept it in high to prevent the transmission from shifting more than it should. We are going with the Oldsmobile pump in both the Caribbean and Patrician. The Caribbean wont get electric wipers, if there is rain in the forecast it wont go out plus I don't see that going too far from home until new seals are obtained for the doors, top and trunk. The patrician will get electric wipers.

As mentioned above, Id like to go with power steering. Id like more family members to feel comfortable handling this and I feel a lot of them would be turned off if driving the car felt like going to the gym.


And when your dad looks down on you, he'll be smiling.


and thank you for that

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