Re: Vacation Car - 56 Patrician

Posted by HH56 on 2020/4/27 13:40:18
As for the instrument panel mesh trim... why not simply have it re-anodized? Or remove it, clean it and spray with any of the wonderful coating sprays on the market now?

That would be the best option if you can find someplace to do it. No idea what is out there now for the hobbyist small job market. It may be better on the East coast but out here a significant number if not most of the plating shops in the state have closed or become very restrictive in their offerings. In the late 80s before the internet, even thru Hemming's services offered ads there were shops that could do some trim molding type stuff but not many places had tanks that could handle the large screen. Those that did wanted a fortune to mess with a fairly delicate one off piece and getting it crated for safe shipping via truck lines due to the size was another big deal. That is why I opted for the glass stain.

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