Re: Vacation Car - 56 Patrician

Posted by CarFreak on 2020/4/29 7:08:10

Ross wrote:
How 'bout having Mr. Ficken rebuild your vacuum motor for about $120 and then just installing a nice new 55 Thunderbird dual action fuel/vacuum pump for another $90 and done. You will pay more than that for a rebuilt standard fuel pump.

The system will work terrific: the wipers park properly at the molding, you have infinitely variable speed, and dual sweep for the really heavy rains. Plus, if you are enthusiastic you can make the coordinator cycle the wipers when you push the button for the washers. My '56 did over 60 beats a minute when I turned them all the way up. What's not to like?

They will need rebuilding again in 2080 though.

Just noticed the other day that the lovely 56 Continental came equipped with vac. wipers.

so its a 55 Thunderbird fuel pump that is used for that!! I saw someone on here that used that set up and I thought was pretty dang cool! Is it a direct bolt on fuel pump? and why would I need the packard vacuum pump (which I believe you are referring to the vacuum pump on the oil pump?) rebuilt when this combo fuel pump you suggested already have a vacuum pump? or are you referring to yet another vacuum pump on these cars?

dumb question, I know it is a ford pump, but is the support for that fuel pump similar or better for that then pump on these packard engines (which I believe is a carter pump)?

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