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Posted by CarFreak on 2020/5/4 9:51:27
This past weekend I got a little time waiting for mud to dry in the garage that I got some work done on the dash disassembly. I have the interior trim out here to be sanded and painted, but figured I should get the dash and column torn down so I can do that all at once.

Didnt get to far with the tear down due to having to mark every single wire on where it will go and cleaning every connection to prevent issues when I go to reassemble everything. I had to steal some bezels out of the other dashboards due to the ones I have being damaged or the plating just plain sucked. I had to rob a headlight switch out of one of the other dashes due to the Patricians being damaged in some areas.

As you can see the radio is not the packard one. I have the wonderbar radio in the other dashes I would like to use, but I do not have the wire routing or the wiring diagram on how the wonderbar radio works with the dash speaker, rear speaker and the speaker switch on the dash. The radio will get updated with modern electronics to give me AM/FM and an AUX input, but I would like to see if I could incorporate that speaker switch with this conversion. I posted in the 55-56 V8 section for a wiring diagram, but if anyone here has one please share!

I also dont have the a/c wiring diagram. the 55-56 a/c install listed on this site only has a small one detailing the switch wiring, but not the relay(?) that is mounted on the under side of the dash near the torsion level shut off switch.

both those areas are not detailed in the service manual that I can tell.

initial inspection of the harness shows the wires to be in decent shape with the exception of the yellow ignition wire coming off of the ignition switch... that wire has the insulation burned off and continues to look that way into the wrapped section of the harness. So that is a fire waiting to happen. once the harness is off the dashboard I will have to cut open the harness, trace that wire to the fuse panel instrument panel feed and replace that wire. Probably with a little heavier gauge.

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