Re: Vacation Car - 56 Patrician

Posted by CarFreak on 2020/8/27 11:00:18

HH56 wrote:
Before hooking up the Ultra gearshift linkage again it would be a good idea to manually check the lever on the drivers side of the trans with nothing connected. Grab hold and move it thru the range from Neutral to Reverse and back again. Make sure you feel each detent and that there is no excess slop or much movement more than a 1/8" or so at the end of the lever when you are in a detent.

There is a lever attached to the shaft inside the trans that moves the manual valve and detent. The setscrew threads on that inner lever have a nasty habit of stripping and letting the setscrew and lever loosen. If it gets bad the lever can no longer move the valve thru the complete range or if the screw falls out you might be unable to get into any gear. Things like that always seem to happen in the middle of nowhere or at a really inconvenient time.

thank you for that HH56. The transmission is out of the car and with me in Pittsburgh. I believe one lever on the transmission can shift the trans from 2 to 3 fairly well but the reverse and 1st lever will not move. So I am guessing I have the problem that you mentioned. Which is okay, the transmission is coming apart and will be gone through.

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