Re: Vacation Car - 56 Patrician

Posted by CarFreak on 2021/3/1 10:40:46
I am finally wrapping up the winter work on the truck so that I can start to turn my attention to parts for the patrician. First up was the 3 speed O/D transmission:

Disassembly went fairly easy. I still need to remove the reverse idler gear (need to get a tool for that since I cant get enough swing for the hammer) and the tail shaft out of the tail shaft housing. According to the manual I have to hammer out the Welsh plug to get to the snap ring. Never heard of a Welsh plug, but upon some research it is similar to a freeze plug in an engine block. From videos I seen online they are suppose to just hammer out. Well I could not get that to work, so before I broke anything that would be impossible to find I figured I would present the question here. Does anyone know how to get the welsh plug out so I can remove the shaft from the housing?

Figured out why I was not able to shift the 2-3 lever. The lever was froze into the trans cover. Was able to tap it out and clean it out. now it goes in and moves freely, so that problem figured out. Did see that the gear that slides between reverse and first gear is chipped as well as the gear that it mates with on the counter shaft... So I have to see if I can get replacements for them. Other than those two issues everything on the trans side looked okay. The O/D side of things looked good just really, really dirty. So I will put all the small parts through the ultra sonic cleaner and give the cases a good wash out.

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