Re: Vacation Car - 56 Patrician

Posted by CarFreak on 2021/8/4 12:13:06
So I decided to go with getting seat covers from SMS. I finished removing the seat covers from the front and rear seats (thank God I dont do that for a living) and I hope to get them sent off to SMS in the next couple days. They said 3-5 months.

I took Howards advice and decided to disassemble the grille. I am going to need to match the paint of the egg crate, but should turn out well! the chrome still appears to be in decent shape.

I am exploring other ideas for the A/C system after talking with a member here. I sent the evaporator out to Original Air Group. They said they can restore it and also modify it. So I am going to see if they can change the flare connections over to O-ring type connections. Should know more about that in a couple days.

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