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Posted by CarFreak on 2021/8/9 15:22:42
One issue I have been trying to work through is a replacement Welch plug for the access hole to the tail shaft bearing snap ring. Well I found some on McMaster Carr that measure out to 1.505". However the hole is 1.508. Given that they have a slight dome on them I am going to try to flatten them a bit on my hydraulic press to hopefully increased the diameter to the point of sealing off that hole. We will have to wait and see.

I am going with the original air group to rebuild the evaporator. They said they could not only repair it, but also change out the flare type connections to O-ring style connections in preparation for R134a. I have a work order made and they told me it should take about 2-3 weeks to complete the work. Which would be nice if it all fits in the original Evap box without modification to that or the firewall openings. So we will see what happens.

I was able to go over the firewall and inner fenders again to smooth out the sanded areas. I also got the front half of the underside painted like I did the back half already.

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