Re: Vacation Car - 56 Patrician

Posted by CarFreak on 2021/8/19 9:05:25
Thank you for all of that!! that is a major help!!

Being that this is a 5682, according to the service manual this wont have body mount 3 and my number 5 mount should be a little different than a 5687-99.

However, it appears that depending what body you got 6478987 (Steele 30-0501-48) is either considered "thick" or "thin" (in accordance with the parts manual 30.1004). which really doesnt make sense because 6478987 is the same thickness as 6478986 (steele 30-500-48) which are thicker than the "thin" 6478985 (steele 50-0097-48).

Thankfully the only mounts that I removed are the radiator cradle, and the parts manual for that is clearer as which cushion goes where.

I Ordered body mounts for a 55 chevy in polyurethane because Ross claims they could work with some modification. Plus Polyurethane would hold up better environmentally than rubber. Ill measure them and compare them too the dimensions listed on steele rubbers website to see if they would work and what modifications may be needed.

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