Re: Vacation Car - 56 Patrician

Posted by HH56 on 2021/9/16 14:35:58
I would say a definite possibility since it specifies R134a but I would also get the copper washers. I don't remember the fitting sizes on the evaporator so you might want to double check them so that with the proper orientation or flow direction it will screw onto the evaporator fittings. No idea if it would be returnable if they don't but if not, at least it is not an arm and leg pricewise.

Assuming that the evaporator fittings work out then if you are going to try and duplicate the Packard line layout with the metal tube on the inner fender with the loop going under the air vent section to supply the valve, the 90 degree part isn't too much an issue. You should be able to rotate it the valve 45 degrees or so to meet the inlet line. That would also work with a straight hose fitting if you decided to go with hose coming off the receiver/drier instead of metal. Not sure about the diameter of the old bulb vs the capillary but you might also need to revise the pocket on the suction side where the sensing capillary goes so it has a tight metal to capillary tube contact in order to sense properly.

The other thing would be the adapter(s) needed to convert the female flare and nut connection on the equalizer tube to the hole for the port on the evaporator suction side ouput fitting. The specs don't say what size or type flare so you might need to have the valve in hand to figure that one out -- and that is assuming it can be done with stock fittings.

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