Re: Vacation Car - 56 Patrician

Posted by HH56 on 2021/10/12 16:59:38
You might be able to find specs from the place you bought the evaporator that give the flare angle but it could be either an SAE or a Refrigeration flare and both have 37 and 45 degree configurations. You can use a small square to estimate an angle on the male side but it is hard to guess on a recessed female inverted flare end.

The input to the evaporator is the port with the female end and 4 small tubes coming off the fitting. The output of the expansion valve goes there and the sensing bulb or capillary coil will usually clamp to the outside of the suction side or output tube somewhere before the fitting in a place that will provide good surface contact the length of the bulb or coil. The expansion valve equalizer tube will probably need a custom adapter made so it can be plumbed in the output fitting to sense the suction side pressure.

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