Re: Vacation Car - 56 Patrician

Posted by HH56 on 2021/11/30 17:53:28

PackardDon wrote:
Depending on what this mesh size is, I may have it in stainless as I had a large sheet produced for another project, using the same manufacturer that made it originally for Packard. Can you measure the squares and the center to center distance between them? Is it the same as the mesh used on the rear parcel shelf speaker? Of course, you can't anodize it to gold but I am curious if it's the same material.

As to the finish color, if I remember one of the Packard books correctly the 55s had no mesh and styling thought it was needed with the 56 facelift so the early versions had a square mesh in silver. The book was unclear on the early material but it could have been stainless steel. At any rate, shortly after the silver or stainless introduction marketing felt the silver mesh color was lost and not distinctive enough and was being buried in the chrome finish inside the larger squares of the regular grill. At about the same time Packard introduced their mesh Cadillac had introduced a gold colored insert in the grills for one or two of their models. Styling and marketing thought that stood out so made the choice to redo the mesh with gold anodized aluminum. I remember when the fellow made the repro grill mesh several years ago that there was a mention of a different attachment method needed depending on whether the car was early or not so possibly the first ones were steel or stainless.

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