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Posted by CarFreak on 2021/12/28 15:42:15
I was able to take some time off around Christmas and get some additional work done to the car. First I was able to install new body mounts. Some where in okay shape, others where badly degraded. I got all new ones from Steele Rubber and used grade 8 hardware to hold everything in place.

While I had the body lifted off the frame (by use of hydraulic jacks) I replaced the fuel and brake lines. I got the brake lines from and they fit really well, but I had to bend my own fuel lines. Bending wasnt bad, I did that by hand since the benders I had kept kinking the tubes. I used stainless tubing throughout.

I did not get new wheel cylinders so most of the brake line ends are just sitting there. The front brake hoses and 4 wheel cylinders are on order. Ill post part numbers once I verify fitment.

I started the process of getting the dash board installed by installing firewall insulation. I ended up going with dynamatt and 1/2" dynaliner to help with sound and heat.

I installed the wiper motor and wiper mounts but had a hard time getting the cables connected since the wiper assemblies I used were different (these had better chrome than the ones that came off the car). After searching here and the service manual I disconnected the wiper arms from the mounts in order to get the cables connected to the motor and the tensioners set. Ill wait until the car is running to make sure they are set right before I install the arms again.

I ran into an issue with the restored evaporator. The exhaust port on the evaporator was angled in such a way that the port I needed to connect the expansion valve too was going to contact the blower port. So I removed the evap box to get that fitting rotated hopefully in time to get the dash board in the next time Im in town.

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