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Posted by HH56 on 2022/7/18 16:25:25
Good solution on the switch but for others that might need one and don't have the printing ability the Cole-Hersee universal replacement available from Napa and others will work just fine. All terminals are used on the R11 ODs and just the two bottom ones next to the plunger on the R9. Granted the look is not quite the same as factory but function over form in this case.

For the AC pulley, the vibration damper is more or less bottomed. There were different type of AC pulleys both factory and aftermarket. On the single groove aftermarket types, as long as the pulley fits in the damper so the driving detents are over the bosses in the damper or PS pulley and belt groove is in the proper place you can get a spacer or washers to support the bottom and a longer bolt to attach it.

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