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Posted by CarFreak On 2023/1/25 13:27:34
Thank you Humanpotatohybrid for sending the bushings! I got those installed and the front glass is in as well. I just need some time to finishing installing the motors and regulators and trying everything out to make sure it all works.

I installed the horns and in the process I created and installed a headlight relay harness to take the load off of the dash switch. I am thinking I am going to put an alternator on it and potentially get the dash alt meter changed out to a voltmeter. Still havent decided on that.

I got the front bumper mesh polished and sealed. I am going to hopefully bring out the other front bumper this weekend, but I am trying to decide if I want to go the route (and expense) of replating both bumpers. I used tri city plating in TN before and they were reasonable, but that was on a smaller bumper.

had the father in law over to do some light sanding and buffing and the paint is turning out real well! which is why I was thinking of getting bumpers plated.

also looking at getting different wheels. I like the look of the wire wheels, but I dont know how big of a pain it will be to keep them clean. Furthermore tire selection is pretty slim, and expensive if you go white walls. There is this company called deluxe wheel company that makes a 20" wheel, that includes the white wall on the wheel and allows you to use your standard 15" hub cap. That gives you the selection of 20" tires. but the smallest width is 8 inches and I have no idea how that will interact with the rear wheel wells and front suspension.

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