Re: Resurrecting a 1951 Henney-Packard Parts Car

Posted by PackardDon on 2020/3/25 12:19:41
Although I have a couple new mufflers in stock and will install one, there is nothing behind it in this car for use as a pattern and none of the shops that make vintage exhaust systems have a pattern. I could probably have one made by guessing based on the length between the axle and the muffler and between the axle and rear bumper, using a Patrician 400 template for the bends over the axle. However, the factory blueprint was available and presuming its not missing any dimensions (as every other one I have is), one will be made from that.

While underneath I discovered that the parking brake cable had been run under the frame rather than through it but fortunately the cable itself is in good condition. Not so for the piece that connects to the rear wheels as, being the wrong axle, they are cut off and the replacement axle's were not usable either so were cut off. Fortunately I have a good one somewhere.

Also missing is the Federal WLR siren/light so if anyone knows of one from a Henney-Packard or who can even just loan me the base that it specific to 1951-1954 so that I can have one made, please let me know!

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