Re: Resurrecting a 1951 Henney-Packard Parts Car

Posted by PackardDon on 2022/5/30 11:23:38
It turned out that I was back at the shop briefly three times the next day before heading to the airport to put inside some packages that arrived.

One was a spare wheel so now it has all five and the other contained the rear stabilizer rods, grommets and bushings along with NOS shocks however the bushings are incorrect. They are for the front of a passenger car, not the back of a Henney! When the Packard Parts Book says ALL, that does not apply to the commercial chassis unless it’s an engine part as it shares nothing else with them body-wise or, especially, chassis-wise!

On the arrival of the wheel, my ride to the airport was to pick me up at 3:00 PM but texted that she would be about ten minutes late and good thing as the wheel arrived a few minutes after I was originally to have left so good timing!

The third (actually first) trip out was for a lighting controller for the shop as it will use the Lutron RadioRA2 system to make wiring easier and not need to do so much of it. That that setup, I can later add a switch anywhere I want without having to add wiring for it.

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