Scott's 1951 Packard Convertible build

Posted by scottyjim62 On 2020/6/10 12:00:19
Well here we go.
I have worked on cars most of my life, out of necessity most times but now this one is for fun.
I acquired a 1951 model 250 convertible as a project car. Once I got it I realized I paid to much. But I really like the lines of the car and it is pretty solid so have to think that money doesn't count anymore. it has already been spent.
Car came with most of the chrome and most of the interior parts, convertible roof needs replacing, windshield showed up broken (which was a surprise). Regardless I really love the car.
So I have pulled all the chrome and stainless off getting it ready to strip down to the metal to see what needs replacing. Seats and interior are out. I have attached a couple of documents i am using to get quotes. One showing the vehicle the other the seats. Comments are welcome and advice is most defintely needed.
Thanks for reading.

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