Re: Scott's 1951 Packard Convertible build

Posted by MJG On 2020/6/10 14:45:48
Unless you are at a far distance to the shop in question it may be best to meet face to face with the proprietor. For phase A you are only looking for media blasting and probably aren't too many unknowns there. Once you get involved in body work I would be particularly concerned with how the shop quotes the work. There is a big difference with T&M, T&M - Not to Exceed and Fixed Price estimates. Be concerned with anyone who quotes you a lumpsum or fixed price for bodywork and paint. There is a reason many contractors name their boat "Change Order" and their life raft "Original Contract" (Google it). The devil is in the details or in this case only as good as the scope of work. Get a very detailed line by line breakout of estimated materials and labor. Trust me when I say most times you can't get detailed enough. For the inside, I think you are missing a lot of original patterns (I am too), you'll need some help there if you want it done right. It will probably be one of the only things I farm out as I can't sew to save my life but I have no visions of grandeur and will be rubbing extra saddle soap in my wallet prior too, I'm thinking a lot more than what you had estimated for yours. I agree to with farming out the media blasting, I did my Cadillac and it was not fun. I may try Dustless Blasting with the Packard. Not sure if you considered them but they come to you, I like that model.

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