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Posted by kevinpackard on 2021/4/7 23:17:43
Seals came in from Hagen's today, so I spent a few minutes getting the passenger axle put back in.

The inner seal was the exact part number for the original, so they must be NOS. The outer seal is nothing like the original, but is roughly the same dimensions (slightly shallower). But I don't think this outer seal is as critical. It should still fit fine.

I repacked the bearing on the axle the best I was a messy process and I'm really not sure how well I got the new grease in there. The old grease still looked really good, so it's obvious someone had been in here not that long ago. All the bearings I've seen look brand new. And the tapered axles on both sides of the rear have fresh anti-seize on them (to keep the drums from getting stuck on I presume). So I wasn't too concerned about getting every bit of old grease out on the rear bearings.

I then installed the new inner seal but using a large socket and tapping it into place until it was fully seated. The outer seal was installed into the grease catch plate. Should work.

The axle was carefully reinserted without damaging the seal, then seated, and race tapped in around the bearing. No hitting the axle.

I then reinstalled the backing plate. I used gasket maker to replace the very thin gaskets that were on there previously. I put the gasket maker where the old gaskets covered. Very thin layer. Then installed both of the plates, and torqued down the bolts that hold it all together.

Lastly, I cleaned off the tapered end and applied new anti-seize (DON'T DO THIS...BAD IDEA). Now I'm just waiting for the brake shoes and hardware to come in before I can button this side up. But with the axle reinstalled I can now disassemble the other side without messing with the axle end play too much.


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