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Posted by kevinpackard on 2021/5/7 11:31:00
Tires showed up yesterday, so I took everything down to a local tire shop at lunch and had them all mounted. Balancing weights on the inside, and I kept one of the old tires to use as a spare. It cleaned up nicely and will work, though it is the wrong size for the car.

Picked up the mounted tires after work and get them on the car. Torqued the wheel lugs to 95 ft/lbs. Also torqued the rear axle nuts to within the specified range (200-270 ft lbs). The driver's side torqued to 235 where the cotter pin hole lined up. The passenger side got to 220 at the hole. Cotter pins installed.

Did most of the major brake adjustment per Ross's video on YouTube. I need to fine tune it a bit, but I think I have it close. I don't really have a good idea of how much the shoes should drag on the drums, so I'm trying to do exactly what he did in the video.

Brakes get bled tonight, then tune up and road testing tomorrow hopefully.

Two questions:
1.) I want to take the heater core out of the cooling system circuit for now. There is a leak in it and I will need to get it fixed, but that's further down the list. I also have not restored the heater valve I got from Ross...the car came without one. Can I just connect the hose from the water pump outlet to the top of the block, or do I need to shut-off valve between those two spots?

2.) What is the size of steel line for the vacuum lines coming off the fuel pump? 3/16" or 1/4"? I'd like to get those vacuum lines made and put on the car before I button everything up and get the car back to my house.


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