Re: KPack's 1954 Panama

Posted by DavidPackard on 2021/5/9 23:28:49
Good point Joe . . . those caps do eat-up the wheel paint, tend to fly off on hard turns, cut valve stems, and, as you said, make funny noises, especially if a clip or two are missing. That’s a design we’ve long since retired. When I bought my Cavalier the covers had quite a bit of black electrical tape wrapped around them. I’m not sure why, and I took it off as soon as I discovered it. If the covers made noise after that perhaps I had the radio turned up high and didn’t hear them squeaking. Until I bought the Cavalier I don’t think I ever owned a car with full wheel covers with the toothed clips that dug into the wheel.

Removing the offending wheel cover is a pretty easy fix for Kevin.

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