Re: KPack's 1954 Panama

Posted by kevinpackard on 2021/5/13 11:05:40
Thanks Don and Ross for the info. I've never done anything with a distributor until this car, so I don't know what is normal and what isn't.

And good suggestion Paul. I will hang on to the old condenser.

I got up early today to put in a few minutes on the car before work. I had #1 cylinder on 6 degrees BTDC and set my points gap at 0.016", both according to the Motors manual. Then using a multimeter to test continuity (one probe on the inner plate of the distributor, and one on the post going to the coil), I rotated the distributor with rotation of the rotor first, then back against the rotation until continuity was lost (points just barely open). Then tightened down the distributor at that point.

I started up the car to test, and it sounded much better than it had before. Checking the timing, I was surprised to see that it was sitting consistently at about 15 degrees. I then realized I had the vacuum line hooked up to the advance, so maybe that's why? Does it normally advance that much at idle? Seems a little excessive to me.


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