Re: KPack

Posted by r1lark on 2021/5/28 8:54:07

Ken_P wrote:
I know you don’t want to do it , but I would pull the drivers side down and replace the wheel bearings. Keep the old ones in case the problem resumes.

I’m guessing you either have an unusual failure mode, or something is out of tolerance because of how you had to fix the warped drum. Good luck!

Kevin, if you follow Ken_P's advice, I would also suggest that while that axle is out and the bearing off, you check it for straightness. You may not have the correct tools to do this (a set of shaft rollers to support and roll the axle, and a dial indicator to make the measurements) but a general machine shop should be able to do this quickly. The outer end at the taper would be the most suspect. A alternate method would be to mount the axle in a lathe between two live centers; the machine shop might prefer this method.

I suggest this due to the damage/warping of the brake drum - something significant happened to cause that, and to me at least it makes the axle suspect -- at least enough suspect to check it for straightness while it is out and the axle bearing removed.

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