Re: KPack

Posted by BigKev on 2021/7/27 7:45:03
I wouldn't worry about the exact placement of the needle in the gauge. Lots of factors come into play for accuracy. I'm sure a 60+ year old guage is probably not 100% accurate, and they were probably not 100% when they were made. Its a relative temperature. You'll figure out where normal is, and then if it suddenly exceeds that, then you know something is happening.

For me, on the T E M P spread, mine is always around the M after warmup. It has never got past the P. Which is still not H. It has only got to the P when sitting idle for a long time on very hot day.

These guages are not exact readings. The calibration of the gauge, the resistance in any wiring and connectors, the calibration of the sending unit, and grounding quality between all the components all would affect the needle position on the gauge since it based on resistance.

An IR thermometer reading on the back of the engine and the thermostat housing, at what you believe is normal operating temp on the gauge, should give you a better idea as what that translates to as far as actual temp.

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