Re: KPack's 1954 Panama

Posted by kevinpackard on 2021/7/27 10:09:39
It helps to know what other people are seeing on their gauges. Thanks Kev. I guess I'm hyper aware of overheating, since that's apparently what killed my dad's '38 Super engine (didn't show up on the gauge).

My other question then would be what temperature range can the engine safely operate in? IR readings on my engine varied between 180-191 after the drive last night, depending on where I was measuring. Hottest right over the piston on #7. Is there a large range of temps that are considered acceptable?

My '05 Tundra has a huge range that is "normal". The gauge stays pinned just below halfway from temperatures 184 all the way to 221. As soon as it goes above 221 the gauge starts climbing rapidly. My assumption is that Toyota designed it this way so that people wouldn't freak out when the temperature was within the operating range.

So am I safe to assume that these old Packard engines can tolerate a range of temps without issue? Say up to 200 degrees and maybe more?


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