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Posted by kevinpackard on 2021/8/2 14:17:27
Thanks for the info! That gives me a lot more confidence. The difference in temps from front to back is interesting. I'm assuming that's normal?

Was off work today so I washed the dust off the car and went on a 30 mile drive with my daughters today. Ambient temps were about 80 and the temp stayed pretty constant on the Panama. Right between the E and M except for a very long gradual hill at 50mph, when it moved to mid to upper M. Really not bad. I'm trying to burn up gallons of gas so I can fix my fuel leak at the tank and maybe drop it one last time to fix the sender issue.

Stopped by a vintage gas station/restaurant in town for a quick photo grab.

Then to NAPA to grab a couple of windshield wipers. I used NAPA 6-1233 Classic Wipers ( They are the same size as my original 11" Trico blades. I only had one blade left, and it had no rubber. These replacements aren't 100% like the originals but they look the part. I polished up the wiper shafts and installed the new wipers, looks much better than it did before.


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