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Posted by kevinpackard on 2021/8/4 10:20:38
Did a quick project last night that I've been meaning to tackle for a while. I've noticed on pictures of other Clipper Super's that the additional front trim pieces had the "whiskers" painted black. I can't tell if that is original, or if that's been added by owners over the years.

Regardless, I like the look because it looks more finished.

I used wax remover and acetone to clean off the stainless, then covered the whole thing with masking tape. I used a new Exacto blade and gently cut out the lines. Then sprayed primer and gloss black. After I removed the masking tape I cleaned up anything that looked bad and put them back on the car. Once the paint cures I'll wax both pieces to help protect them.

They aren't perfect, but probably acceptable. I think it gives the front of the car a more finished look.


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