Re: KPack's 1954 Panama

Posted by kevinpackard on 2021/8/22 23:27:40
Thanks guys, I remember reading about Tobs' experience with his gas cap leaking and figured I would end up doing the same. When I first filled the tank all the way up I wasn't surprised to see gas leaking down the fender. But as I used up more and more of the gas it continued to spill out over the fender, even when the tank was below 1/2 full.

My gas cap has the vent hole in the center as well. Perhaps this is were some of the gas is coming from? Or getting past the cardboard seal? Either way I'm just going to throw half a soda can over it for now and call it good.

Now I have to somehow clean off the stain on the paint from the MMO/gasoline mix.


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