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Posted by JeromeSolberg on 2021/10/29 20:17:19
My heater control cables were rusty and some of them broke when I took them off and tried to lube them to free them up.
I bought raw cable from Aircraft Spruce and Supply. Not too expensive, they were very easy to deal with and it came pretty quickly.

Aircraft Spruce and Supply, Bowden Cable

The cable listed above turns out to be a little larger in diameter than the original, but I found it worked fine. I cut it myself and made my own ends. You just have to coil it around. It's not particularly difficult but you do need a pretty good pair of vise-grips and patience. I think I used a nail or something as a mandrel. Make sure to lube it with cable lube or silicon spray before making the second end, or otherwise it will be a lot harder to lube it (though you can do that by bending the housing and squirting the lube between the coils).

See below for a picture, which shows an old cable and a new cable. I agree it's hard to make the new cable coil as easily as the old cable, or quite as pretty, but one can make them work.

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