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Posted by kevinpackard on 2022/1/23 23:24:02
Rejoice with me, for I have obtained the un-obtainable.

A month or so ago I came across a random ad on Craigslist (I always search for Packard stuff) that advertised a '54 Packard windshield. Curious, I contacted the guy who helpfully sent me a pattern to double check the fit. He wasn't totally sure what car it went to as it's been sitting in his garage for decades. Turns out it was a perfect fit against my original windshield.

Made the drive and picked it up. New (not sure if reproduction or not) and never installed, clear color, overall good condition (a couple small chips in some edges) and in whatever box it originally came in. And only cost me $150. Score! Well worth the 7 hours of driving.

Now to get up the courage to go through the whole installation process again....


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