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Posted by kevinpackard on 2022/1/25 17:35:14
Thanks guys! I will need to work myself up to want to tackle replacing the windshield again. What a pain that was.

In the meantime I'm back in the saddle and working on other things that are on my list to do. Number one is getting the radiator fixed. Without that I can't drive. So I drained the fluid and removed the radiator. Very easy to remove and now that it's off I have tons of access to the front of the engine.

The coolant that I drained definitely had a yellow tint to it from the rust inside the system. I had replaced the coolant back in the summer from what originally came with the car (it was gross). The last bit I drained after I got the radiator out had some definite rust chips in it. Hopefully the radiator shop is able to repair and clean it all out.

The leak is at the junction of the upper tank and fins. Looks like it may have been repaired before. We'll see what the shop says.

With the radiator gone I want to get in and get a bunch of stuff done on the front of the engine. I'm even toying with the idea of removing the fenders and painting the engine. But at the very least I'm wanting to clean and paint and parts I can access. I will also paint the areas of the frame I have access to. I'll also strip and paint the front cover panel....lots of imperfections in it.

I'm going to take the generator off and clean it up, and maybe service it too if I can figure it out. Power steering pump and bracket need to come off for painting, but I'm not exactly sure how to do that. The belts will be replaced, and I need to paint the pulleys too.


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