Re: KPack's 1954 Panama

Posted by kevinpackard On 2022/5/7 22:28:41

HH56 wrote:
That is the correct way to measure and the voltage is good. 6.5 at low idle is standing battery voltage before the generator is going fast enough to output. 7.3-5 is the regulated voltage and is adjusted properly so also good. If the field wire is shorted for the test a 6v generator should be putting out voltage somewhere in the low teens.

Thanks Howard. It's good to know that I'm checking it right, and good to know that the generator is working as expected. As long as my solder joint holds I should be in good shape. I popped the cover on the voltage regulator, and everything in there looks brand new. If the regulator was out of spec, I know nothing about them and would need to read up on them in the Motors manual. Eventually I'll have to teach myself to adjust it. But hopefully not for a while.


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