Re: KPack's 1954 Panama

Posted by DavidPackard On 2023/1/15 14:02:57

I was quickly educated by my wife on fabric measurement. In her world the material was 54 inches wide, and the product would be sold by length . . . and they used the units of yards when referring to length. When my lizard brain heard the word ‘yard’ I quickly switched incorrectly into the area mode. In her world the bolt of fabric, that would also include vinyl, would be brought to the cutting table and cut to length, not width. Pricing was stated ‘per yard’, but the actual length was whatever the customer wanted. They used POS calculators to do the arithmetic. The questions you need to ask are, what is the width of the product, and is the product priced by the length? The bolt width is not necessarily a single value from one industry/supplier to another . . . 45, 54, and 60 inches are typical, but you better ask.

Ultimately, she brought home a partial bolt of green vinyl that matched the interior of our ’54 quite well . . . it was ‘on-sale’ and she had a coupon, plus an employee discount. We were both happy.


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