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Posted by kevinpackard On 2023/10/2 15:37:38
Well it turned out to be the stem after all. They were new stems, but my front wheel covers like to rotate on the wheels, no matter how much I tighten the teeth. So I had them put a solid valve stem on it. I'll need to do the same for the other front tire soon.

I drove the '38 Super to go pick up the repaired tire, as an excuse to give it another test drive. I also filled up the gas tank while I was at it because I had no idea how much fuel was in it (gauge not working). Got to talk to a couple of guys about the Super.

With the valve stem repaired I got the tire back on the Panama and put in on the lift to check the brakes. I've been noticing more movement in the pedal recently. I tightened the shoes on all the corners, and checked the master cylinder reservoirs. The rear one was low, which has me concerned. No obvious signs of leaks that I could tell, and everything is brand new. So I filled it back up and went for a test drive. Feels fine but I think I will dig into it more.

Since I had both the cars out today I messed around with storage solutions for winter time. The Super will be staying at our place this winter, and that means we are out of indoor parking spaces. So with some careful parking I should be able to fit both Packards on one side of the shop, leaving the lift open to work on other vehicles.

Interestingly enough, when I parked the two side by side I realized that the Panama is a good amount longer than the Super.

We still have probably a month left before I need to put them away completely.


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