Re: 1940 super eight 160 series 1804 model 1362 138" Wheelbase: making it driveable

Posted by todd landis on 2021/8/26 0:42:10
I believe the 40 had round bakelite escucions going around the chrome part you see. The 39's did not. I have a 40 super and a 39 12. But will check tomorrow just in case my getting too old mind is not working as it should, used to.
The round escucions I made myself and think I still have the tooling. Did not like the plain tan stuff that was available at the time, plus from what I saw was a poor fit. I think I used delrin of a light color, turned the outside and inside, milled the half round hole, for the screw, then it becomes hazy, but got some brown clothing dye, and may have modified the color a bit to match the marbled steering wheel and dash. Got the dye boiling and stuck in the escutcheons and let the absorb some of the dye. Let it cool down a bit, then, I think, I used black laqueur or black ink, and a bit of a red to blotch the escutcheon. Let dry then a few coats of clear lacquer. Did this around twenty years ago so may have missed something, but you get the general idea. I still may have some of the original dyes if so will send along a picture of the brand.

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